Bland Lake Hideaway, the best place to stay in San Augustine, is proud to partner with Jayne Fuller Massage Therapy. We can now offer our guests relaxing therapy services right here at Bland Lake Hideaway. Jayne has a beautiful and relaxing therapy service studio set up in a convenient location just a half mile away from Bland Lake Hideaway.

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Jayne Fuller Massage Therapy 

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My Personal Review

I was having trouble with my shoulder a few years ago. Working every day at Hardware on the Square helping to load heavy items was taking a toll. Jayne had just finished her training, and she told me she thought she could help with my shoulder pain. She worked on my shoulder for a few sessions; and whatever she did fixed my problem. I have referred her to several of my friends, and they have had similar results.

Jayne has had many happy customers, and she loves what she does. She is funny and sweet, and she will do her best to make your day better. Her relaxing therapy services are just what you need sometimes when you are on vacation or on a business trip.

Hunters and Fishermen

Sometimes hunters or fishermen book our places for a weekend hunting or fishing trip. What if you bring your wife and book a relaxing therapy services session for her while you are out for the day? Or, what if you have been fishing in a tournament, and your shoulder is giving you trouble? You can book a session with Jayne, and she can help.

Relaxing Texas Escape

Jayne Fuller Massage Therapy is a relaxing Texas escape. Whether you have shoulder or back pain, trouble sleeping, or just need to relax, we can help!

Jayne Fuller is a Licensed Massage Therapist with 5 years experience. She specializes in deep tissue, acupressure, stretching, prenatal, and fibromyalgia massage. Book your relaxing therapy service session today!

Price for Services

Deep Tissue 1 ½ hour 


Swedish Massage 1 ½ hour 


Deep Tissue 1 hour 


Swedish 1 Hour 


Deep Tissue 30 min


Swedish 30 Minute 


We also offer Tanning Bed Sessions.

$15 per session

Jayne Fuller Massage Therapy 

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