At Bland Lake Hideaway, the best place to stay in San Augustine County, we have several great spots where you can stay – Farmhouse in the Pineywoods, Schoolhouse in the Pineywoods, Cabin in the Pineywoods, or Buster’s Private RV park.

The farmhouse in the Pineywoods has been part of a family homestead for many years. This is the fifth generation of Consfords to live in this area. The log house was built by Buster Consford. Buster and Ginger built this house by hand with lots of help from friends and family. Buster chose the logs; and every evening after work, he spent countless hours building this peaceful place for his family. Built by love, he and Ginger raised their three children in this home.

Origin facets

The farmhouse room addition was added on to the original log house about twenty years ago. It was originally added on as an in-law suite. As the house has been passed down to the next generation, the in-law suite was no longer needed. The apartment sat empty for quite some time. During the Covid pandemic of 2020, the Consfords had some extra time on their hands. So, they decided to update the in-law suite and chose to go with a farmhouse theme.

Ordinary features

The farmhouse in the Pineywoods features a kitchen area complete with stove, microwave, refrigerator, sink, coffee bar, and a table and chairs. There is a living area with a couch and television with a DVD player. The farmhouse room also includes a queen-sized bed, a closet for hanging clothes, and a linen closet. The bathroom includes a toilet, sink, and shower. A blow dryer is available as well as some toiletry items in case you forget yours. 

Because this room was an in-law suite, it is connected to the house. But, the farmhouse room has its own private entrance. A deck stretches along the back of the room with a lovely view of Bland Lake. A washer and dryer are available for use. An iron and ironing board are available. There is also a parking area for the farmhouse room tenants. 

Other factors

The farmhouse theme goes along with the family farm. The Cackleberry Farm has three goats, a micro-mini pig (Gizmo), and two friendly dogs (Ranger and Jax). 

The family farm is situated about five miles from San Augustine, Texas. San Augustine is one of the oldest towns in Texas. While you are in the area, there are some things you won’t want to miss. 

The San Augustine square has many interesting places to visit. Hardware on the Square is one of the oldest hardware stores in Texas. There has been a store on that corner since the 1800s. There was even a gunfight that took place inside the store back in the day. 

San Augustine Drug is another unique place to visit. It has an old-fashioned soda counter. They have a grapefruit highball, a drink with a secret recipe. They offer this drink free to first-time visitors. 

You won’t want to miss the Jail Museum. It is located beside the courthouse which is situated in the middle of the town square. Other places of interest are the Mission Dolores and shops such as Joy’s This and That, Heartstrings, Texas Star, etc.

Optional feasting

If you are visiting during the week and are in the downtown area, be sure to stop in for lunch at Sweets and Eats or Tootie’s Cafe. If you are out on Hwy 96, there are some great little food trucks that are open during the week – Ramona’s Tasteful Creations has some great burgers, or Tacos San Augustine has a great selection. Or, if you happen to find yourself headed toward Louisiana on Hwy 21, stop at El Potosino on your way out of town. 

Come see us at Bland Lake Hideaway, the best place to stay in San Augustine County!  If you have any questions about the Farmhouse or any of our other places to stay in San Augustine, please contact us.