Bland Lake Hideaway

Bland Lake Hideaway is the best place to stay in San Augustine County. It features charming apartments, cabins, and a very nice private RV Park. Bland Lake Hideaway is also the home of Cackle Berry Farm! It is the best place to stay in San Augustine county or a perfect place to just hideaway!

Schoolhouse in the Pineywoods | Best Place to Stay in San Augustine Texas

The Most Relaxing Place in San Augustine!

Spaces just for you!

Schoolhouse in the Pineywoods

A cozy guesthouse in a one room school house. It is made with care from locally reclaimed lumber from historic places in the community.

Farmhouse In The Pineywoods

This guest house has a private entrance and a great kitchen. With access to a laundry room this is the best place to stay in San Augustine

Buster’s Private RV Park

We have 7 RV Spots some have 50/30amp and some only have 30amp hookups. All have water and sewer hookups.

Cabin in the Pineywoods!

A cozy cabin just for you! The best place to stay in San Augustine County with lots of interesting family history.

The Camper

Delightful 1 Bedroom RV/Camper in San Augustine

The Way | Private RV

The Way | RV

A nice 1 Bedroom RV/Camper in San Augustine

Bland Lake Hideaway – the best place to stay in San Augustine County!

Bland Lake Hideaway is the best place to stay in San Augustine County. Joe and Laura Consford are your hosts, and they have secured the highest ratings from their guests. When you stay in one of the spaces they offer, you will not regret it.

History of Bland Lake

Bland Lake is a private lake that was built before the Civil War. Its primary function was to power a grist mill. The mill was in service for many years.  It was an important local business that powered the local economy.

A community developed around the lake due to the work force the mill required. There was a grocery store, a post office, and even some forms of entertainment. You could ride the train from San Augustine to Bland Lake. It was a strange mix that existed there. People could go there for some family fun or get their bootleg moonshine all around the same place.  

In the 1950s, the community started to become a ghost town. The post office closed; and in the 1970s, the little store closed. The Bland Lake Community is now just a fond memory. Old timers will still talk about the dances they attended there and tell stories of how their parents even went to play dominoes.  I even heard one man talk about his experiences with a fist fight that happened at the place.

The store was the last thing to close in Bland Lake, and at that time Mrs. Poodle was the store proprietor. It was a typical country store. She had the old-fashioned light bulbs that hung from the ceiling. As you shopped, she would turn the light off in the area you left and turn the light on in the area you were headed to. She only kept one light on at a time. Mrs. Poodle was a good business person. She would take her sales tax and put it in a cigar box behind the counter after each transaction. 

Homestead for the Consfords – The Best Place to Stay in San Augustine County

When Joe was a little boy, he would walk down to the store with his cousins and purchase a coke in a glass bottle from Mrs. Poodle once a week. A coke was twenty-five cents, and it was the best treat on a hot day. We would sit on the front bench and drink the coke so we did not have to leave a deposit.   

Joe owns the local hardware store in San Augustine, Hardware on The Square, and he has the counter that Mrs Poodle used in her store. The counter is used every day, and it was built before the Civil War. San Augustine is an important part of Texas history. If you stay at Bland Lake Hideaway, you can take the beautiful five-mile drive to town and see this old counter and think about the memories that have passed over its worn top.

Joe and Laura were missionaries in West Africa for over 15 years. They have a lot of experience as guests in many different hotels and places to stay all over the world. Joe and Laura have also hosted guests in many different situations, and they have a heart for hospitality. They began to operate a bed and breakfast in San Augustine in 2020. This host family has had many guests, and it has become a great experience for them. The best place to stay in San Augustine County is their goal.   

Home Away from Home

They have several spaces for your enjoyment and even a private RV park. It truly is the best place to stay in San Augustine County. For example, the beds are so comfortable, and the private entrance and security is unmatched. It is a wonderful place to unwind and get away from the noise of city life.  There are some neighbors in the Bland Lake community, but we are all family. People have started calling the area where we stay “Consford Hill.” Some people have compared it to Waltons’ Mountain. It is a place where family is important to all who stay.

We have some pets. Our dogs are loud when strangers arrive, but they are quite friendly and will win your hearts very quickly. Gizmo is a micro mini pig, and he is always interested in meeting our guests. He really enjoys a good back scratch. People have left raving reviews about the dogs and Gizmo. The pets are even part of making Bland Lake Hideaway the best place to stay in San Augustine County.

Cackle Berry Farm is a great place to visit as well! We have chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, and garden spaces. You can ask about farm tours!

We have several different spaces just for you. I hope you can click and view all of our properties and check out the availability calendars. We want to be the best place to stay in San Augustine County; and with visitors like you, that is going to be easy.

Hideaway Happenings – The Best Place to Stay in San Augustine County

Bland Lake Hideaway, the best place to stay in San Augustine County, is located just a few minutes from Sam Rayburn Reservoir and Toledo Bend Reservoir. These lakes are two of the top bass fishing lakes in North America. We have plenty of space for you to park your boat while you stay with us. Professional fishermen always need a place to stay while they fish these amazing tournaments.

During deer season, there are many people who have deer leases near us. They may not have a camp set up, but who wants a camp when you can stay in a luxurious space with an amazingly comfortable bed? There are also many places near us that are public land where people hunt.   We cater to deer hunters, and we would love to swap hunting stories with our guests.

Joe is the owner of Coffee @ Hardware on the Square. It is the best coffee shop in San Augustine. You are welcome to come in and order your favorite coffee beverage. It is an amazing place in the hardware store. I hope you will check out our menu and come visit us.

Bland Lake Hideaway, the best place to stay in San Augustine County, is so excited about your upcoming stay with us! We cannot wait to meet you, and it will be our honor to be your host as you visit our great county. There are so many things to enjoy! We are proud of our little town, and we know you are going to love your stay here.